Power-Ops finalist in ‘Industrial & Enabling Tech’ prize

Power-Ops finalist in ‘Industrial & Enabling Tech’ prize

We are very pleased to announce that Power Operations Limited (POPS), Synelixis Solutions’ spin-off in sustainable energy technology, is a finalist in the European Commission’s ‘Industrial & Enabling Tech’ prize category.

POPS has received 6932 votes and ranked 2nd in the relevant category. Based on energy predictive analytics, hybrid blockchain technology and open standards/APIs, POPs has developed a Data Centres (DC) Power Optimizations Platform (DC-POP), which contributes towards improving energy efficiency of federated Data Centres and stabilizing Smart Grids. The system will be further validated in real DCs and optimized and it is expected to enter the market in Q2 2018.

More information is available here.

You may visit the Power-Ops website here.