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Synelixis Solutions is a high-tech company founded to operate as an one-stop shop and provide complete telecommunications, networking, security, control and automation solutions to professionals, industries, businesses and home users. A key principle in Synelixis Solutions approach is to offer the best technology at the lowest price. We always try to minimize the disruption to the customers, through an in-depth consultation process, which drills down to extract their exact needs and requirements and explore their available resources; thereby optimize our customers ROI with solutions that cost less and provide more.

Synelixis technical consulting team, supported by selected partnerships, assists in the planning, design, development, integration, deployment, and ongoing support of multi-vendor technology solutions.Everyday at Synelixis, we endeavor to innovate, implement or explore the industry’s most advanced technologies, and translate them into value for our customers through our straight out-from-the box products, a-la-cart solutions and professional user-centric services.

In the context of our research activity we have collaborated with the following partners:

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Net!WorksSynelixis Solutions is a Member company of the Net!Works Technology Platform.

NESSISynelixis Solutions is a Member company of the NESSI (Networked European Software and Services Initiative).

NEMSynelixis Solutions is a Member of the General Assembly of the NEM (Networked and Electronic Media) Technological Platform.

ETP4HPCSynelixis Solutions is a Member of the ETP4HPC (European Technology Platform for High Performance Computing).

eMobilitySynelixis Solutions is a Member company of the eMobility Technology Platform.

FIWARESynelixis Solutions is a Member company of Fiware (Core platform of the Future internet).

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