GAIA Participatory Sensing Application

GAIA Participatory Sensing Application

Synelixis announces the release of the 1st version of its participatory sensing application for mobile devices developed for the EU Project GAIA.

The application uses the devices’ sensors to read luminosity (more readings will be added in future releases) and allows for the user to add their comfort level on the experienced metrics. The application then sends the data to the GAIA cloud and from there it is transmitted to the Building Management Application, also developed by Synelixis (more information on the BM app here).

GAIA focuses on energy efficient practices for educational communities, with trials carried out in schools and organisations across Europe. More information on the project can be found on our Research page as well as on the project website. The participatory sensing aplication targets the students and teachers who will be participating on the trials.

In the video you may view a short demonstration of this app: