Energy Efficiency

Synelixis power and automation technologies enable utility, industry and residential customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. Synelixis offers optimized energy management and innovative solutions that span the entire value chain from Smart Grid to efficient consumer energy management in a full lifecycle offering.

Smart Grid Control

Smart Grid Control

Synelixis Smart Grid Control offers advanced integrated solutions for acquiring information from and controlling advanced metering infrastructure interfacing to the Smart Grid world.

Energy Consumption Optimization

Energy Consumption Optimization subsystem including both electricity and hot-water optimization has been tested in EDF premises during the ICT-22388 BeyWatch (Building EnergY WATCHer) project.

Energy Consumption Optimization

More Solutions

Precision Agriculture

Remotely monitor and manage irrigation and disease prediction in your farm.

Warehouse Automation

Find out what you need to improve the automation of your business processes.

Energy Efficiency

We offer optimized energy management and innovative solutions.

Internet Of Things

We utilize state-of-the art equipment to cover a full range of embedded software and applications.

Cloud Computing

Synelixis offers cloud solutions tailored to both infrastructure owners and application developers.


We have comprised a consultancy portfolio covering a full range of professional services.