Power-Ops in the ΙΕΤ Innovation Awards 2019 Shortlist

Power-Ops in the ΙΕΤ Innovation Awards 2019 Shortlist

Synelixis is pleased to announce that our UK based spin-off Power-Ops, in collaboration with British Telecoms, has been shortlisted for the ΙΕΤ Innovation Awards 2019, under the “Communications” category.

Lead by British Telecoms, GEM-NG builds upon and integrates some of the latest developments in the communications world including 5G, Multi-Access Edge Computing and Network Function Virtualisation and applies them to the energy sector, demonstrating how the overall solution enables advanced metering and control in smart energy grids. GEM-NG is partly developed within the H2020 research project NRG-5.

Power-Ops offers a complete framework to simplify the work for data providers, data analysts and Smart Grid operators and facilitate their inter-operation.

Details on the NRG-5 project can be found here.

More information on the ΙΕΤ Innovation Awards 2019 can be found here and the Shortlist here.